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January 2010


January 30, 2010

OXAZEPAM FOR SALE, The Bruins lost 2-1 last night, and other than the fact they couldn’t stay out o the box, and couldn’t finish their chances per usual, I think it was the best game compete level wise in quite some time. OXAZEPAM without a prescription, Here’s hoping they can replicate the effort from last night, and put a couple more past the Kings tonight, effects of OXAZEPAM. OXAZEPAM mg, Having said that, I am here to speak of something else today, OXAZEPAM class. OXAZEPAM images, One of Goonblog’s favorite sons got the call this week, and I think I speak for everyone in the Goonsquad, OXAZEPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Ordering OXAZEPAM online, when saying we couldn’t be prouder of Trevor Gillies today.

First off, OXAZEPAM dosage, Kjøpe OXAZEPAM på nett, köpa OXAZEPAM online, I’m not mental or anything, but is there a better birthday present for Trevor than playing in his second NHL game today, order OXAZEPAM from United States pharmacy. Against the Philadelphia Flyers no less, OXAZEPAM FOR SALE. Buy OXAZEPAM without prescription, If Riley Cote is in the lineup today, it will most certainly be on, buy cheap OXAZEPAM. OXAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa, We have been huge fans of Trevor for years here at Goonblog, and want to wish him all the best in the NHL, where can i buy cheapest OXAZEPAM online. OXAZEPAM for sale, Go get em Trevor. Here’s a real heavyweight tilt between Trevor and best friend Jeremy Yablonski from last weekend to wet your whistle, OXAZEPAM natural. Is OXAZEPAM safe, . Doses OXAZEPAM work. Purchase OXAZEPAM. OXAZEPAM brand name. OXAZEPAM forum. Taking OXAZEPAM. OXAZEPAM over the counter. OXAZEPAM blogs. OXAZEPAM long term.

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January 25, 2010

COUMADIN FOR SALE, Holy cow. You ever lose a whole month, buy COUMADIN from canada. Cheap COUMADIN, Jeez. I feel like Mark Recchi being woken by mother from his pregame nap, where can i find COUMADIN online. COUMADIN without prescription, You know, scared, discount COUMADIN, COUMADIN canada, mexico, india, a little confused, and furious because I missed Matlock, online buy COUMADIN without a prescription. I went in to work today, and the first thing I do is leave an outgoing message on my voicemail with name, date and the like, COUMADIN FOR SALE. Canada, mexico, india, I stopped myself this morning, as I had to double check the date, COUMADIN from mexico. COUMADIN wiki, It’s the friggin 25th. The Classic seems like it was yesterday, COUMADIN price, COUMADIN treatment, and the Bruins seem like they’ve been bad all year, so not a lot changes there, COUMADIN price, coupon, Buy COUMADIN without a prescription, but still….where the hell did the month go.

I guess when everyday is pretty much the same, buy no prescription COUMADIN online, After COUMADIN, they kind of run together. COUMADIN FOR SALE, I mean, I get up, I go to work, I either watch the Bruins, or go to the Bruins. Mumble how they have the intensity of an eye exam at the DMV, where can i buy COUMADIN online, COUMADIN pics, and do it all over again the next day. Hell, get COUMADIN, Comprar en línea COUMADIN, comprar COUMADIN baratos, at least when I was drinking, I’d get the excitement of the split second when my eyes opened of where I could be, COUMADIN use. COUMADIN maximum dosage, No more, “huh, COUMADIN dangers. COUMADIN no prescription, I’m in the bathtub with a TV remote and a lampshade on my head. Makes sense.” Not that I am complaining, quite the contrary, COUMADIN FOR SALE. It’s nice to be asked the score of the Bruins and being able to tell someone, COUMADIN from canada, “yes, they lost 4-1” without having to think about it. Point is things are good, just super busy eh.

So, the Bruins blow goats right now. Brother David and I had our annual game together on Saturday, and by the end of it, we damn near needed to be nudged awake. COUMADIN FOR SALE, Again, zero intensity/sense of urgency right now. On the bright side, the top 13 teams are separated by so few points; the Bruins can catch fire, as in win 3 in a row, and be right back in this thing. Not to worry Bruins fans. These guys will make the playoffs, and when that happens, it’s anyone’s game. If not, they could be looking at the first two picks in the 2010 Draft.

Stay tuned in the next week or so. There is talk of a Goonblog Podcast at Goonblog HQ right here in scenic West Acton on Friday, and we have a little something up our sleeves in the form of a Goonblog exclusive you won’t want to miss. I promise I won’t miss February.

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January 11, 2010

NIMETAZEPAM FOR SALE, You guys all know Dave is the staff technical expert (NERD!) on staff here at Goonblog. He is a whiz at having his finger on the pulse of social networking, real brand NIMETAZEPAM online, Where can i cheapest NIMETAZEPAM online, as well as how to implement said social networking sites to maximize the nerdery from each site. So, online buying NIMETAZEPAM hcl, What is NIMETAZEPAM, GoonBlog is on Twitter now. I thought it was all status updates, NIMETAZEPAM description, Buy NIMETAZEPAM online cod, and frankly, I get enough of the “I have the best friends ever, NIMETAZEPAM duration, My NIMETAZEPAM experience, or so grateful for what I have” updates on Facebook I want to puke like that blah. Well, herbal NIMETAZEPAM, NIMETAZEPAM no rx, once again, I was wrong.

Twitter is cool because you can follow different people, NIMETAZEPAM schedule, NIMETAZEPAM coupon, and get all the news you need in one spot. I used to have to go to a million websites a day to find all my hockey updates, now, I log on to Twitter, and it’s all right there, NIMETAZEPAM FOR SALE. Now, purchase NIMETAZEPAM online, NIMETAZEPAM recreational, it’s so easy to find out what Ashton is up to, I can discontinue my subscription to Tiger Beat, fast shipping NIMETAZEPAM. Generic NIMETAZEPAM, Not that I would, I mean who does that?

louis-skolnick-nerd The point, buying NIMETAZEPAM online over the counter, Buy NIMETAZEPAM online no prescription, and yes there is one, is that our good friends at have been Tweeting fights every day, NIMETAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy, Australia, uk, us, usa, and I love it. First off, NIMETAZEPAM dose, NIMETAZEPAM reviews, if you are looking for the nuts and bolts of hockey fights, one need to go no further than, buy NIMETAZEPAM from mexico. Purchase NIMETAZEPAM for sale, They are very serious about the business of enforcing, and enforcers, NIMETAZEPAM online cod. NIMETAZEPAM FOR SALE, The knowledge base they have assembled over there is truly staggering. Like I have said before, you want straight up fights. Go there. You want to get your fight news with a side of self depreciating humor, and the occasional dick and fart joke, then come on in. The water’s fine.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for Twitter (if you haven’t already) and follow these guys immediately. I dig sipping on my morning coffee going through the posted videos from the previous evening action, and I am sure you will too. Keep up the good work boys!


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January 3, 2010

2010_NHL_Winter_Classic BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Friday January 1, 2010 will mark the day I had the most fun I have ever had at Fenway Park. I am a hockey fan to the core, so I am a little biased, but the Winter Classic at Fenway was better than any Red Sox game I have ever been to. I’ve seen them all too. The Game the Sox came back and beat Tampa bay two years ago, low dose FUROSEMIDE. I was there. The game Don Zimmer and Pedro Martinez had a dust up and the benches cleared twice, BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. I was there. The Winter Classic was so much better than anything I have ever seen there. It truly was a once in a lifetime event that was so special it’s hard to describe just how cool it was. FUROSEMIDE alternatives, I will start at the beginning.


I took the 7:25 train into North Station to meet George over at the hotel by the Garden. BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, I was texting him updates from the USA vs. Canada World Junior game from New Year’s Eve and we were commenting how we felt like kids on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa. I could barely sleep I was so excited, but the 7:25 train was perfect. It gave us plenty of time to have breakfast, meet Steve Begin’s wife and the commander of the ground crew for the B-2 flyover, buy generic FUROSEMIDE. He was a super nice guy, and he took the time to tell us all about the plane, where it was coming from, and more importantly, No prescription FUROSEMIDE online, which direction it would be coming from. After a nice breakfast, and some picture taking with said commander, it was off to the Green Line for our trek to Fenway.

The first thing that struck me as I walked into the North Station T stop, I mean other than the overwhelming smell of pee, puke, and hot poop, was the amount of Flyers fans, BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. I have to give it to those guys, they represented well. There was almost as much orange and black as black and gold on the train ride over, and it was a theme throughout the day. Apologies to Flyers fans for this next comment, where can i order FUROSEMIDE without prescription, but I hate the Flyers, and for the most part, they have the worst fans in the league. I have seen them all in my tenure as a Bruins fan, FUROSEMIDE interactions, and 2 year season ticket holder, and it’s true. BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, They are awful. So, you can imagine my surprise when every single Flyer fan I talked to on New Year’s Day was not a total prick like usual. I am not sure if it was the event or what it was, but tip of the cap Flyers fans, is FUROSEMIDE addictive, for once you were cool to hang with.


Once arriving at Fenway, at 9ish, a full two hours before gates opened, we went to the Fan Fest they had across from Yawkey Way. Buy FUROSEMIDE no prescription, It was a cornucopia of vendors, and ice sculptures and a bunch of crazy crap for the kids. Oh, also, a shit load of Flyers fans. Seriously, I think it was 60-40 split, BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. Boston/Philly, FUROSEMIDE trusted pharmacy reviews. One particular Flyer fan lamented there wasn’t enough Flyers gear in the retro fitted for the Winter Classic souvenir shop on Yawkey Way. My favorite Bruins fan for one second aptly pointed out it was a Bruins home game, and perhaps they should clam up. He was my favorite until he asked us if we were going to get a “Let’s go Red Sox” chant started, FUROSEMIDE samples, and was met with 5 blank stares like he just asked us the square root of 2,000,756, and it was only then I noticed his 22 jersey was not Shawn Thornton, but Shean Donovan. BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Yeah. He’s cut.

After we had enough of the pro shops, rx free FUROSEMIDE, we were kicked off Yawkey Way, and walked around the building. We dropped the two younger boys off at their gate, which was where our original seats were supposed to be, FUROSEMIDE pharmacy, and wandered around the entire building to get to our gate. We happened by the entrance to where the Bruins bus was to arrive, and decided after waiting about 10 minutes we were getting a little too meat slapperish, and moved on to stand in line at Gate D. Normally in lines there is a lot of lamenting how the line sucks and so forth, but not on this day, FUROSEMIDE steet value. There was talk of hockey, and excitement on how good, or bad the seats everyone had were going to be.


I never doubt George as earlier in the week the Bruins had released 300 tickets to the season ticket holders, BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. We were lucky enough to score three in Pavilion Box 18, which is the section where the Coca-Cola sign is in left field. We were able to donate the original seats we had, Section 33, Online FUROSEMIDE without a prescription, right below our seats to his two youngest boys. It cost him a pretty penny to get the whole family in, and myself an extra hundred bucks, but it was worth every single penny, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Once inside, we found our seats, order FUROSEMIDE online c.o.d, and were greeted by the nicest usher ever. I didn’t catch his name but he was a great guy. BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Our seats were kick ass. No doubt George did a fantastic job. Now it was just a waiting game until the game was under way.

As the fans started streaming in I again took note of how many Flyers fans there were. Order FUROSEMIDE from mexican pharmacy, A husband and wife team came to our section and asked Mr. Nice Usher if there were any open seats. He took this ludicrous request in stride and said nicely, “no, I think it will be full, but there are some standing room only sections over there”, BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. They left, but not before lamenting how he was a 30 year season ticket holder for the Flyers, and he felt that entitled him to some special treatment at a Bruins home game. I will address all the complaints about the event at the end, buy cheap FUROSEMIDE no rx. That was one of my favorites.


As the time ticked towards 1, the excitement was building. We were in a section with people that were there mostly for the event, as evidence by the gentlemen next to Brad that kept calling the Flyers, Cheap FUROSEMIDE no rx, the Phillies, and later on when the first frozen fight happened George, Brad and I were the only three people standing and cheering. BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, In a way, I guess I was better as they weren’t all rowdy and at each other’s throats (did I mention there was a lot of Flyers fans) but on the other it sucked because we were on the end and the non fans got up 75 times to go get something, or stop right in front of us to take pictures at the end of the game. Not so much a complaint, as a byproduct of being at a special event somewhere. Big ups to the guy in front of us who noticed the B-2 coming, FUROSEMIDE results. I managed to get a couple of really good pictures as the stealthy mother went right over our heads. Very nice touch.

Finally, the game was on. After the Bobby’s shook hands at center ice, and the Dropkicks played the game had begun, BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. It didn’t take long for the first frozen fight to happen, About FUROSEMIDE, and at first blush it looked as if Daniel Carcillo smoked Shawn Thornton. After watching it about 30 times, I think Carcillo landed a nice punch, but it looked to me like Thornton was off balance after switching hands. Either way, it was great to see a fight in the Winter Classic, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. I could have done without Carcillo’s grandstanding in the box, but I give him high marks for not violating the code and slugging Thornton when he was down and prone.


After a scoreless first in which it looked like both teams were pretty content to feel each other and the venue out, the Flyers drew first blood when Tim Thomas temporarily lost his mind by shoving Scott Hartnell in the back as Danny Syvret was shooting a puck on goal. BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Timmy was seeking payback for Hippy Hartnell running him moments before. There was no call, FUROSEMIDE cost, but should have been, and Timmy doled out his own brand of justice at the wrong time. Truthfully, there should have been a penalty called on Timmy, but it would have been washed out by the goal anyway. At the time of the goal, online buying FUROSEMIDE, the thought process for Bruins fans was, oh, it’s early. They’ll get it back.

Cardiac Doctors could have made a killing on Friday at frozen Fenway, FUROSEMIDE used for, because the “it’s early, they’ll get it back” feeling went away and was replaced by, “no friggin way the Bruins aren’t even going to score once in the frigging Winter Frigging Classic.” After a rousing “Sweet Caroline” was sung by Dennis Leary, Lenny Clarke, and 40,000 people, where to buy FUROSEMIDE, the Bruins finally got on the scoreboard with a little more than 2 minutes to play. Mark “What Time is Matlock” Recchi does what he does and best and goes hard to the net for a tape to tape pass from Derek “Revere Beach Seagull” Morris to tie the score, BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. Pandemonium. All the stress and wondering went out the window and was replaced by a wall of sound the Grateful Dead would have been proud of. It was like no other goal celebration I had ever heard, until Marco “I HATE SCORING” Sturm, or as the boys at Hub Hockey call him, Sturmface scored the walk off goal in OT. Pandemonium. X2.


BUY FUROSEMIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, The game could not have been more perfectly scripted without getting Hollywood involved. I am so lucky I was able to get seats where I did, but either way, it was a special day at Fenway. I have read a ton of stories about bad site lines, and overpriced tickets, and to those reports I say, what the hell did you expect. It’s a hockey game at a baseball stadium. A once in a lifetime game at that. If you thought you were getting a good seat in the bleachers, or anywhere down low, you were crazy. Over the years the Winter Classic at Fenway will take on a Woodstock effect with 300,000 people claiming to be there. For those of us that were there it was a truly special day that wouldn’t have been ½ as special at Gillette Stadium. I’m sure the view was terrible down low, but the experience of being in Fenway Park on New Year’s Day to see a “Classic” Winter Classic cannot have a price tag put on it.

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January 1, 2010

BUY PRILOSEC NO PRESCRIPTION, The first outdoor donnybrook in history – of the NHL’s new Winter Classic, that is. The Bruins beat the Flyers 2-1 in overtime, purchase PRILOSEC online no prescription, PRILOSEC pictures, and likewise Carcillo beat the stuffing out of Thornton under the Green Monstah!

So at least the Flyers have that going for them.

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