by Chris on January 25, 2010

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COUMADIN FOR SALE, Holy cow. You ever lose a whole month, buy COUMADIN from canada. Cheap COUMADIN, Jeez. I feel like Mark Recchi being woken by mother from his pregame nap, where can i find COUMADIN online. COUMADIN without prescription, You know, scared, discount COUMADIN, COUMADIN canada, mexico, india, a little confused, and furious because I missed Matlock, online buy COUMADIN without a prescription. I went in to work today, and the first thing I do is leave an outgoing message on my voicemail with name, date and the like, COUMADIN FOR SALE. Canada, mexico, india, I stopped myself this morning, as I had to double check the date, COUMADIN from mexico. COUMADIN wiki, It’s the friggin 25th. The Classic seems like it was yesterday, COUMADIN price, COUMADIN treatment, and the Bruins seem like they’ve been bad all year, so not a lot changes there, COUMADIN price, coupon, Buy COUMADIN without a prescription, but still….where the hell did the month go.

I guess when everyday is pretty much the same, buy no prescription COUMADIN online, After COUMADIN, they kind of run together. COUMADIN FOR SALE, I mean, I get up, I go to work, I either watch the Bruins, or go to the Bruins. Mumble how they have the intensity of an eye exam at the DMV, where can i buy COUMADIN online, COUMADIN pics, and do it all over again the next day. Hell, get COUMADIN, Comprar en línea COUMADIN, comprar COUMADIN baratos, at least when I was drinking, I’d get the excitement of the split second when my eyes opened of where I could be, COUMADIN use. COUMADIN maximum dosage, No more, “huh, COUMADIN dangers. COUMADIN no prescription, I’m in the bathtub with a TV remote and a lampshade on my head. Makes sense.” Not that I am complaining, quite the contrary, COUMADIN FOR SALE. It’s nice to be asked the score of the Bruins and being able to tell someone, COUMADIN from canada, “yes, they lost 4-1” without having to think about it. Point is things are good, just super busy eh.

So, the Bruins blow goats right now. Brother David and I had our annual game together on Saturday, and by the end of it, we damn near needed to be nudged awake. COUMADIN FOR SALE, Again, zero intensity/sense of urgency right now. On the bright side, the top 13 teams are separated by so few points; the Bruins can catch fire, as in win 3 in a row, and be right back in this thing. Not to worry Bruins fans. These guys will make the playoffs, and when that happens, it’s anyone’s game. If not, they could be looking at the first two picks in the 2010 Draft.

Stay tuned in the next week or so. There is talk of a Goonblog Podcast at Goonblog HQ right here in scenic West Acton on Friday, and we have a little something up our sleeves in the form of a Goonblog exclusive you won’t want to miss. I promise I won’t miss February.

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