by Chris on June 28, 2007

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BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, I have been on what medical professionals might describe as “a bit of a bender”. I have been neglecting the site, Online buying HERBAL XANAX hcl, and the 99 at the top of my hill has been reaping the rewards. I have been MEANING to write, if that’s any consolation, taking HERBAL XANAX. Problem is its end of quarter and as such, HERBAL XANAX from canada, people at the office are stressed. Every night someone is looking to stop in for one or seven, and they know to stop at my cube first, HERBAL XANAX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Anyhow, I am tired, and my liver hurts, BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION.

Three things happened while I was (blacked) out. HERBAL XANAX coupon, This should bring us up to speed.

1. Brian Burke is my hero. The Ducks, HERBAL XANAX use, who are an early favorite for my West Coast Team on Center Ice come fall, Is HERBAL XANAX safe, won the cup. BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, They did so by beating the Senators in every way possible. They beat them physically, mentally, HERBAL XANAX wiki, and beat them on the scoreboard. HERBAL XANAX maximum dosage, They play a rough and tumble style, and I love it. Through the regular season, buy cheap HERBAL XANAX, they will beat you the same way. HERBAL XANAX pharmacy, This includes fighting. People say fighting is on its way out, BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Burkey says, well, buy HERBAL XANAX from mexico, I’ll have all the guns at the OK Corral then. HERBAL XANAX reviews, My point. Well, shortly after they win it all, australia, uk, us, usa, he signs Travis Moen, HERBAL XANAX trusted pharmacy reviews, and George Parros. Moen was a huge part of the cup win and for those of you that follow the American league, will remember he made his way as a tough guys for a few seasons while a Chicago farm hand, where can i order HERBAL XANAX without prescription. BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Parros, who didn’t dress in the finals, is a tough guy pure and simple. Plus, Where can i buy HERBAL XANAX online, he’s got a 70’s porn moustache that rivals no one. Message to the rest of the West, better break glass in case of emergency on your tough guys, online buying HERBAL XANAX hcl. This flock of Ducks will not be pushed around. HERBAL XANAX street price, 2. Jeremy Jacobs. When I saw that Mr, BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Jacobs was being named to the NHL board of directors, I was glad I have been hammered for the better part of two weeks, what is HERBAL XANAX. This move made me think the end was near, My HERBAL XANAX experience, and had I been sober, I would have been terrified. Nowhere in the 10 ways to improve the NHL does it say install some cheap, HERBAL XANAX results, money grubbing a hole that really only thinks about the bottom line to help improve the league. Kjøpe HERBAL XANAX på nett, köpa HERBAL XANAX online, If you weren’t sure about the NHL being the most backward thinking old boy network in all of pro sports, here’s your proof. BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Our buddies at must have shit themselves upon hearing this crap. I hope they’re OK, no prescription HERBAL XANAX online. Does anyone else picture Gary Bettman laughing maniacally as David Stern looks on saying, HERBAL XANAX without a prescription, “We did it David. We’ve ruined the game forever. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

3. Who did Angelo Esposito sleep with that he shouldn’t have? I haven’t seen something drop that far and fast since Carrie dumped me in High School because she found out I was still banging Susan, BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION. I do find it VERY fishy the consensus number 1 a year ago winds up with Sid and the Kids in Pittsburgh though. A little too convenient no.

Free Agency opens Sunday. Why am I excited. The stupid Bruins don’t have any money because of stupid Chara’s stupid contract…ah crap, I was going to stop drinking today…..

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1 Joe June 28, 2007 at 8:24 am

I can’t believe Bettman is still around!! When will they get rid of him??

2 tweener June 28, 2007 at 2:49 pm

YOU ??? Drinking?? Say it isn’t so, Chris, I can’t believe that !! Hasn’t anyone mentioned to you that getting piss-drunk every fucking day is bad for your health….it’s been in all of the papers ! Maybe YOL can bring home some reading material on the subject from the germ factory for you to read, eh?
Now….go dry out, give your liver a few days off and look into renting a room at Betty Ford !
Love how Chiarelli is cleaning house over at the Garden, seemingly putting the blame for all of the brilliant moves on everyone else. Maybe he’ll give Chara a raise while he’s at it ! BRING BACK OLD-TIME HOCKEY !!!

3 Chris June 28, 2007 at 7:08 pm

Slipping fast…..can’t understand it…

4 tweener June 29, 2007 at 12:21 am

Rather than the title you have chosen, and it is a good’un, I think that it should be re-named “CALL ME OTIS CAMPBELL”.

5 Red Thunder June 29, 2007 at 4:39 am

Testing 1…2…3…
Testing 1…2…3…

6 Chris June 29, 2007 at 7:43 am

Red Thunder…I read you LIMA CHARLIE. YOU ARE CLEAR! MOL passed her boards. She got the job she was after! I am Victor Papa, or VERY PROUD. If you guys get get hurt, she’ll take care of you. If the Bruins had cap room, this would be the best day ever. Fuck it, the Bruins still suck…let’s go PENS!

7 Red Thunder June 30, 2007 at 7:33 pm

I was only testing ’cause I sent A couple of smart ass comments (no shit) that never made it through, I thought you might have blocked me after my Titanic Bruins similarities. Anyway, congrats to YOL, now maybe she can get you A perscription for that chair you wanted for your laziosis (see watch with goonblog) BOTTOMS UP!!!

8 Chris July 2, 2007 at 6:46 pm

Never be blocked RT. I will look in our SPAM filter. Sometimes comments get stuck in there.

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