by Chris on April 11, 2007

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OVRAL FOR SALE, Great bout between Tony and Bacala on Sunday eh. Bacala definitely jumped him, cheap OVRAL, OVRAL coupon, but at the same time, Tony should have seen it coming after calling his wife a whore, OVRAL from canadian pharmacy. Buy OVRAL from mexico, Taz made a good point, saying it’s kind of like when Andre “Pillow Hands” Payette asked someone to go, online OVRAL without a prescription, Canada, mexico, india, and then claimed he was jumped. He should have seen it coming too, OVRAL wiki. OVRAL cost, The bout started after Tony called Bacala’s wife, and his own sister, fast shipping OVRAL, OVRAL reviews, a whore. After Bacala had warned him, Tony did it again, and Bacala fucking clocked him, OVRAL FOR SALE. From the outset of the fight, where can i order OVRAL without prescription, Online buying OVRAL hcl, it was Bobby B’s. He landed hard rights to Tony’s head, discount OVRAL, OVRAL results, and landed a lot to his gut. Smart move by Bacala trying to expose his weakness, OVRAL used for. Doses OVRAL work, MOL was appalled because she is a nurse, and was concerned for Tony’s gut shot, buy no prescription OVRAL online. OVRAL FOR SALE, It was then I reminded her it was a TV show. Generic OVRAL, So, Tony and Bacala were whaling on each other, low dose OVRAL, OVRAL long term, and Carmella went all Kevin Collins on them and tried to jump in. Well, OVRAL pharmacy, After OVRAL, she paid the price and was thrown into a couch nearly breaking her shoulder. Eventually the boys were separated, purchase OVRAL, Taking OVRAL, with Bobby Bacala going to his box the winner. I never thought he’d win that fight, OVRAL forum, but it is an interesting parallel to the role of the enforcer. You win some and lose some in the role of enforcer. Tony will be back I am sure, and to some degree he already retaliated by making Bobby clip that guy. If I am Tony, I have the next meeting circled on my calendar, and if I am Bacala, I am watching my back.

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1 Red Thunder April 11, 2007 at 5:40 am

You miss the Bruins already don’t you?

2 tweener April 11, 2007 at 2:32 pm

Bacala looked to be filling his pants when T took the ride down the dirt road !!
For the record, I had sworn off The Sopranos, but with no Deadwood….. HBO blows !

3 Killer April 12, 2007 at 2:36 am

What a shame, in the 17 games Laraque has laced me up for the Penguins this year, he has only had 2 fights. Let’s hope he drops em a few more times during the playoffs. Who are you guys pulling for?

4 Chris April 12, 2007 at 9:17 am

Killer, The fact Big Georges only had two fight in seventeen games is a big reason why he wound up with the Pens. He was signed by Phoenix to fight, and he didn’t. Probably because he had no one to go with, and because the game has changed. Having said that, I like the Pens and the Sharks.

5 Red Thunder April 13, 2007 at 8:10 am

I hung up my goalie pads for the summer, it’s gonna be paintball season if it ever stops fucken snowing. Chris, I’m still gonna post the B’s Bourque picture as soon as I can get it scanned. Sorry for making you wait, It is black-n-white and doctored so I’m having A hard time getting A good copy to send you. SEMPER-FI.

6 KSpecial April 18, 2007 at 12:02 am

the biggest mistake goons like George make is they actually think they can play hockey. No, No George just go out and protect Sidney. It is alot like Killer on the lax field. He had a big shot and big hits but not much after that. He protected me for 4 years on the lax field. Thanks Killer.

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