by Chris on March 12, 2007

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TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, I can not fucking believe the Bruins took another too many men on the ice penalty today. Again, while on the Power Play. If this isn’t the most poorly coached team in the NHL, order TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no prescription, then I don’t know what is.

At any rate. Generic TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, Here is a snap shot of my week last week.

Monday: Work, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. Outback Steakhouse. Reno 911 Movie. Home, comprar en línea TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, comprar TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL baratos.

Tuesday: Work. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, Quick one at 99 that turned into 5. Home. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without a prescription, Wednesday: Work. Lowell Devils vs. Albany River Rats. Home, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE.

Thursday: Work, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL steet value. Bruins vs. Wild, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online cod, left at the end of the second because I was so fucking bored. Went to the Fours watched Simon’s tomahawk chop on Hollweg. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, Home. Poured MOL into bed.

Friday: Work, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL photos. Quick three at the 99, then the Woo Sharks vs. Purchase TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online no prescription, Hartford, Papa Razzi, Home.

Big whoop, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. We are all busy, fast shipping TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL. Point I am making is it was a very busy week for me, but it was equally busy for controversy in the NHL. Cheap TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, That, ladies and gentlemen, is called a segue.

It actually started last Friday night, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without prescription. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, For those of you under a rock or without Youtube, New Jersey forward Cam Janssen was suspended three games for hitting Toronto defenseman Tomas Kaberle in what the NHL deemed an illegal way. I have seen the hit a zillion times, and I think it was three things. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL from canada, 1. It was very late. Kaberle was admiring his pass and Janssen in on the forecheck had plenty of time to turn back up ice. Instead he drilled Kaberle, who wasn’t even looking at him, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE.
2, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL mg. It was totally unnecessary. I understand Janssen’s role, Taking TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, and what he was trying to do, but he could have really hurt Kaberle, and it didn’t need to be done.
3, about TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, It was dirty. Again, I understand what he’s trying to do, Where can i buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online, but to drill a guy that is prone like that isn’t the way to do it. You want to stir it up, go hit a guy fair and square. Doing what he did perpetuations the notion of hockey and enforcers being barbaric, doses TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL work.

What I found most shocking at the time of Janssen’s hit was the half hearted response by the Leafs. Only Travis Green did anything on the ice, and it didn’t look like his heart was really in it, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. I was reading in the book I have about Bobby Orr, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without prescription, Searching for Bobby Orr, about an incident in Boston many moons ago. Basically Bobby was clipped in the face accidentally by a Maple Leaf, and it started a brawl on the ice, is TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL safe, and a near riot in the Boston Garden. After I thought about it for a couple of days, Buy cheap TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no rx, the shock really wore off. This is the new NHL people. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, There is no emotion in an 82 game exhibition season. I do have March 30th circled on my calendar though, as the Devils and Leafs play each other and there should be some fireworks, where can i find TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online. Having said that, see the above sentence about the new NHL and most likely nothing will happen. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL canada, mexico, india, The second incident was far more fiendish, and sinister carried out by Islander forward Chris Simon. For those of you emerging from a coma, first off welcome back and secondly I will recap, buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL from mexico. Chris Simon, after being drilled from behind by Ranger forward and super pest Ryan Hollweg, picked himself up off the ice, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. As Hollweg was coming back at him because the puck was in Simon’s area instead of Simon dropping the mitts and taking Hollweg on one on one, he went crazy for a second, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL use, and chopped Hollweg in the jaw with his stick. You no do that. Never never. MOL and I watched it at the Fours after leaving the most boring Bruins game ever, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL description. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, The Simon slash was one of those incidents where the whole bar saw it, and yelled out loud.

I understand what happened here. Simon lost control of his emotions for a second, and instead of doing what he should have done, i.e. drop the buckets and whale on Hollweg, he did something really stupid. I am in no way condoning what Simon did, in fact, quite the opposite. Hockey is an emotional game, and you need to try your best to harness that emotion in the right way, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. I am sure there isn’t a single guy that has played against Hollweg that hasn’t wanted to chop him in the face with their stick. His job is to be a pest, and he does it well. Having said that, Simon should never, ever have done what he did. I am sure he is very sorry about it, and wishes he could take it back, but that is no excuse. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, You have to respect the other players out there, even if you want to smash them to death with your stick. You just don’t do what Simon did, and I think the NHL did exactly what they needed to do in suspending him for 25 games.

There is a place for fighting in the NHL, and the stick work shown by Simon is a big reason why. He should have challenged Hollweg to a fight if he felt wronged. People that are against fighting should get used to seeing a guy getting chopped in the face like Hollweg was, because if and when it is regulated out of the game, it is going to be happening all the time.


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1 Red Thunder March 12, 2007 at 6:18 am

Cool schedule play by play.Sounds kinda like mine except I do roofing so I havn’t worked in about two months, The rest is pretty close. Bottems Up!!! Those cheap shots, Maybe some of these SALLYS could stand A little time at PARRIS ISLAND to see what an honorable man would do. Ya Think???

2 Wally Braverman July 22, 2009 at 12:42 pm

An interesting article that discussed fighting …

Hockey, Fighting and Cooperalls

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