by The Ref on January 5, 2007

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It's January 4th, and I have just returned from the new Boston Massacre at the BankNorth Garden where the Leafs smote the Bruins 10-2, AUGMENTIN FOR SALE. It was a great, fast shipping AUGMENTIN, Real brand AUGMENTIN online, even game for the first half a period - and I remember thinking how lucky it was that my uninitiated lady friend was getting to attend such a great contest as her first. But then it all skated downhill, buy no prescription AUGMENTIN online. Order AUGMENTIN from United States pharmacy, By the early third, the less than humble Toronto fans near the ice in front of us were getting pelted with peanuts and had their baseball hats thrown out onto the ice, doses AUGMENTIN work. Buy generic AUGMENTIN, We scanned for further shenanigans as little pockets of trouble became visible around the Garden. AUGMENTIN FOR SALE, Bad winners and worse losers had the golden-jacketed Remax security agents running ragged.

Bruins Lewis Pissed

As I work in marketing, where can i buy cheapest AUGMENTIN online, Where can i cheapest AUGMENTIN online, I know what spin is. Steen's hat trick and five unanswered Toronto goals in the second period are unspinnable, AUGMENTIN from canada, AUGMENTIN australia, uk, us, usa, even for the best of the silver-lining manufacturers. A brutal, discount AUGMENTIN, Order AUGMENTIN no prescription, soul-sucking night in North Station this evening. To make it worse, AUGMENTIN price, coupon, Herbal AUGMENTIN, I have to fly to Toronto tomorrow. Whatever resolutions the Bruins might have made this past Monday morning, AUGMENTIN pics, AUGMENTIN online cod, I'm not sure anyone is listening anymore. Effects of AUGMENTIN. Purchase AUGMENTIN for sale. Is AUGMENTIN safe.

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1 The Hammer January 5, 2007 at 8:18 pm

i was never more happy to be out at Friday’s eating crappy food and drinking big beer more than last night. Why do you ask? Because i did not have to watch that abortion they call hockey in the garden

2 taz January 7, 2007 at 10:11 pm

How is that they only have 1 fight in a 10-2 shellacking AT HOME in front of your own fucking fans and why did they wait until 16:21 of the 3rd period?
I’ll bet that really sent a message to the Leafs and the rest of the NHL. Do these guys have any pride? What is Chara’s lower body injury, no balls?

I would have thought they would come out against the Flyers in a foul mood on Saturday but I guess that did’nt happen either.

I throw up my hands

3 Woody Hardcore January 18, 2007 at 2:34 am

hopefully toronto can do somrthing with the team this year and not wait until the last minute to try for the playoffs. Also its REALLY nice to see Belak back in his ass kicking form of a few years back. peace!

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