by Chris on November 21, 2006

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COVERSYL FOR SALE, MOL is working. I had eggs for dinner, and now I am drinking a beer. COVERSYL australia, uk, us, usa, The beloved Bruins get started in 6 minutes. Thanksgiving is three days away. I would say things are good all around eh.

I would say tonight's probable fights during the Bruins game include the guy upstairs who I think has installed a bowling alley, and his neighbor, COVERSYL FOR SALE. They have been sizing each other up for a few days now, COVERSYL recreational. I like the neighbor in this one. He is pissed and feels he owes one to the guy next door. COVERSYL for sale, I also like the guy across the hall who I think is down after this weekends games. COVERSYL FOR SALE, Judging by the yelling, and cursing, I would say if he's letting it ride on tonight's games, he may have to have a go with his TV. Watch out for his right hand TV!.

Since the Game is about to start, I am signing out for now, low dose COVERSYL. I have the computer to myself. Let's check back in after the First. Killer, if you are in the area, swing by, COVERSYL FOR SALE. Order COVERSYL no prescription, End First

I guess Killer isn't in the area. Looking at the attendance, he's not at the game either. What are there, after COVERSYL, 12 people there. The Team is on a streak and they still can't draw. COVERSYL FOR SALE, Damn shame. Purchase COVERSYL for sale, You think Nathan Horton knows where he is yet. He just got so hard his mother felt it.

Shitty goal given up by the B's. That's been the story of their year so far, COVERSYL class. Oh, that and the shitty PP, COVERSYL FOR SALE.

Shitty PP sounds like a TERRIBLE medical condition.

Dale just said Muff. Buy COVERSYL online no prescription, Twice.

Does Brad Boyes play for the Bruins anymore. COVERSYL FOR SALE, Put up Wanted posters for Alex Auld because he flat out robbed Axe. What a save that was.

All in all, online COVERSYL without a prescription, not a bad period. What I would like to see, My COVERSYL experience, I mean besides a fight, is the Bruins play well on the Power Play. If they could play 20 solid minutes, I think they'd be a much better team, COVERSYL without prescription. Sound familiar, COVERSYL FOR SALE.

End Second

What a save by Thomas. By the way, COVERSYL trusted pharmacy reviews, that looked like it hurt when he landed on his head. Goalies don't have a lot upstairs anyway. Good thing. COVERSYL FOR SALE, I am fully going to have to fight whoever is in front of me in the laundry room. To get back at them, where can i cheapest COVERSYL online, I cut a very nasty fart. That'll teach them to touch my stuff. Buy no prescription COVERSYL online, I feel like Psycho in Stripes.

"Anyone touches me or my stuff........and I kill them."

"Lighten up Francis."

That was a "Laser" by Horton. By the way, I think he'd look great in the Black and Gold, COVERSYL FOR SALE.

Hey, where do you think Jacques Martin is from, doses COVERSYL work. I'm going with Medford.

Shouldn't they have fixed the glass first. Where can i buy COVERSYL online, Back in the old days, when hockey was hockey, the third period would start with both teams tough guys on the ice. COVERSYL FOR SALE, They would have fought it out, and the game would have continued. The Panthers would be saying, buy generic COVERSYL, "we are up, but we aren't letting up." Boston would be saying, Online buying COVERSYL hcl, "you aren't coming into our building, and beating us without a fight." Nowadays. Nothing. This game needs something though, COVERSYL treatment. It went from OK to terrible in 20 minutes. I am making some popcorn, COVERSYL FOR SALE. I will be back after the game. Where can i order COVERSYL without prescription, End

Nice goal by Muzz to start them off. That's how to stay with the play.

Thomas stood on his head. COVERSYL FOR SALE, Without him, it would have been 9-2.

Let me ask you this, buy cheap COVERSYL. Would anyone be mad if it was either a hook, or a dive. COVERSYL overnight, That hooking call on Murray was a crappy call. In these rules, it should have been a hook and a dive. The crappy call lead to a crappy goal off Paul Mara, COVERSYL FOR SALE. I'm telling you, buy COVERSYL online no prescription, this league need one, and only one set of eyes on the ice. COVERSYL used for, You can't let 27 shoot from the high slot like that. He will hurt you 9 of 10. That was a fantastic goal. COVERSYL FOR SALE, I love the fisticuffs at the end of the game. That would have been awesome if it got really out of hand eh. How about a nice goalie fight!. Would anyone have objected. I didn't think so. That was all in all a crappy game by the B's, COVERSYL FOR SALE. Not many positives in that one.

Dave and I will be at the same party Wednesday. Perhaps a Podcast. We'll see.

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1 The Ref November 21, 2006 at 9:21 pm

I spoke to Kinger last night. He’s got the shirts and we’ll put them up for sale soon. I’ll have my laptop at the party so we’ll grab 4 or 5 people and do a group Podcast. It’ll be fun. Then we can put the shirts up on the site, hook up PayPal and the quest will be at an end. Goons – I hear they look fantastic.

2 The Ref November 21, 2006 at 10:44 pm

By the way, if you’re going to write this much everytime you have the computer to yourself, I am going to come after YOL with a tack hammer.

3 Chris November 22, 2006 at 12:09 am

Wow. Do not tempt MOL like that. She is tougher than she looks. Deadly right. Comes out of nowhere. I will make sure she didn’t see that.

4 tweener November 22, 2006 at 5:23 am

HOL is the only decent item in here !! My heart goes out to her……. By the way….eggs and beer…. NEVER a good idea ! Happy Turkey to all of the GoonBlog boys.

5 Chris November 22, 2006 at 9:53 pm

Tweener, I hear you on the eggs and beer. The paint peeled off the wall in the laundry room after my revenge fart.

6 Chris November 23, 2006 at 12:48 am

I did. Great story on Grapes.

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