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Government Center


June 18, 2011

LIBRIUM FOR SALE, As seen at the Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup victory parade currently taking place in… Boston, of all places:


My brother-in-law took this a few minutes ago in Government Center. I have no idea who these gents are, is LIBRIUM safe, Buy LIBRIUM without prescription, and hopefully they won’t mind being featured front and center, but if I could I’d ask them where they got this work of t-shirt genius.

Have fun at the parade, about LIBRIUM, LIBRIUM from mexico, kids. You know what we don’t do today when amassed in large groups downtown, canada, mexico, india, Ordering LIBRIUM online, right. We don’t break shit, purchase LIBRIUM for sale. Buying LIBRIUM online over the counter, One last hearty congratulations to the B’s from We’re still in shock, effects of LIBRIUM. LIBRIUM pharmacy, We’re pink all over ‘cause we’ve run out of places to pinch ourselves. And we’re so, LIBRIUM australia, uk, us, usa, LIBRIUM brand name, so proud.

Were you at the parade today. Please email us your photos!

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