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For podcast comments, criticisms, blatant abuse, questions and contributions email us at podcast (at) goonblog.com. If you email us, we will mention you next time. Perhaps even favorably. This is an archive of all our Hockey Podcasts in the .MP3 format. Don't bogart our bandwidth, dude: Please subscribe to our feed or right click the links and save them locally on your computer. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need an iPod to listen to Podcasts. Double-click the file once it has finished downloading and enjoy again and again. Hockey Podcast Podcast #4: February 10th, 2007 was a sunny Saturday in Boston - until the fetid, odorous cloud that is the GoonSquad turned on a microphone and ruined everything. Highlights from Podcast #4 include guest appearances from Brandy and the infamous MOL, echoes of Tilsonburg, Colton Orr’s first goal and the worst attempted catchphrase in human history. Listen Now. Related Links:

Podcast Hockey Podcast #3: Recorded January 19th 2007 in the North End of Boston MA, the third podcast in the series features discussion about Sidney Crosby, the Washington Capitols, MySpace, our brand new hockey tshirts, a deluge of silly audio clips thrown in for funny measure, and our homie - little Philly Kessel. Listen Now. Related Links:

Hockey Podcast Podcast #2: The Miracle on Ice is followed by the Tragically Hip (our new theme music) before our conversation skirts the Battle of Alberta, appropriate hockey nicknames and scooter-sexuality. Recorded in Acton, MA in October 2006. Listen Now. Related Links:

Hockey Podcasts Podcast #1: Chris and Dave make their auspicious podcasting debut in September 2006. Accompanied by SlapShot clips, reasonably comprehensible commentary, many cans of Budweiser and a few tasteless jokes, The first GoonBlog: The Podcast set the stage for future sporadic audio fun times. Listen Now.