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June 13, 2011

bruins-believe BUY XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, When the Boston Bruins have laced-up at home during these 2011 NHL playoffs they’ve been nearly unstoppable. Over this last week, XANAX street price, XANAX used for, during the final showdown with the Vancouver Canucks, their home ice advantage has risen even further - to the extent you may be tempted to replace the word “advantage” with “hate crime”, XANAX online cod. No prescription XANAX online, For Boston’s loyal fans, not to be confused with the fairweather legions popping up to support Vancouver in their time of plenty, purchase XANAX for sale, Cheap XANAX no rx, the 8-1 and 4-0 victories at the Gaaahden almost made up for the three frustrating and ever-so-close losses at the hands of the Canadian team. Tonight the battle returns to Beantown and Game 6 is going to be a Budweiser-soaked beatdown of Biblical proportions.

While we’re on the subject of team nationality, about XANAX, XANAX mg, it’s already been remarked upon by several pro-Bruins blogs how unfortunate it is that the Vancouver media (and most likely the Canadian media in general) have been strongly spinning this contest as an American vs. Canadian thing, XANAX description. That’s what a little gathering more commonly known as the Winter Olympics are for, Jimmy Olsen, BUY XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Discount XANAX, In reality, nothing could be further from the truth, XANAX results. XANAX from canadian pharmacy, Let’s look at some readily available nationality stats:

Vancouver Canucks

  • 17 Canadians
  • 6 Americans
  • 5 Swedes
  • 1 Russian
  • 1 Dane
  • 1 German
  • 1 Finn
  • etc.

Quite a melting pot they have out there on the left coast, eh, XANAX dosage. Buy cheap XANAX, A smorgasbord with skates, if you will, buying XANAX online over the counter. Canada, mexico, india, Now let’s have a look at the…

Boston Bruins

  • 17 Canadians
  • 2 Americans
  • 3 Czechs
  • 1 German
  • 1 Slovak
  • 1 Finn
  • 1 Kazakh
  • etc.

Every single Bruins forward, except Krejci, buy XANAX from mexico, XANAX duration, is Canadian. BUY XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Quite a melting pot… of people from Ontario. And the team has 4 less Yanks than the Canucks, XANAX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Cheap XANAX, Why, those Bruins are as American as apple pie - served to you with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese by Abraham Lincoln himself, XANAX steet value. Buy XANAX online cod, An exact equal number of Canadians on each team with considerably more Americans on the team from Vancouver. North vs, where can i buy XANAX online. South – I’m thinking: not, BUY XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Effects of XANAX, Although, as we learned from Phil Hartman in 1987, XANAX wiki, a full-on Canadian invasion isn’t so far-fetched.

“But it isn’t about where the players are from (*sniffs and snivels*). It’s about the city that the team calls home and their sense of…”

I’m gonna stop you right there, sensitive Vancouver fan, and repeat myself: 96% of the Bruins’ forwards are Canadians who were raised in Canada (oddly enough), have Canadian families, live in Canada, pay taxes in Canada and are surely bursting with enough national pride to make a Tragically Hip concert look unenthusiastic. Try again. If you’re cheering for the Canucks simply because you’re Canadian, that’s great - but keep it in your pants. BUY XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, You have three times as many Americans on your team. Point made.

Every game of the series so far has been won by the home team. Home ice advantage is a fairly tangible factor, but the B’s have taken it to gorgeous extremes. The smart money is on Boston to sodomize win tonight, which will likely lead to another nailbiter back in Vancouver which could literally go either way. I wouldn’t say home ice advantage has been on Vancouver’s side to any extent. Their 3 wins have been last-minute, lucky-bounce affairs and downright silly is the person who thinks Boston remains an underdog. Let destiny commence and, for the record, I would kill to see an actual episode of “Late Night With Gordon Lightfoot”.


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July 10, 2010

bob-probert-wings BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION, Yesterday, in Windsor, Ontario, arguably the greatest hockey enforcer of all time was laid to rest. It is hard to put into words what Bob Probert’s death means. Online buying ZEBETA hcl, I didn’t know the man personally, but when someone who is arguably the best at what he did, and that something he did is a passion of your own, ZEBETA pharmacy, it means something. ZEBETA from canadian pharmacy, Think Elvis and Sinatra in music. Dale Earnhardt in racing. Ted Williams in baseball, BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION. To me, purchase ZEBETA for sale, Bob Probert’s death is that big, ZEBETA long term, and I don’t think I am alone.

Sometimes people will ask me about Goonblog, and just what the heck it is we do here. To the people that share my passion for hockey, online buying ZEBETA, and particularly enforcers, Where can i find ZEBETA online, it’s a great opportunity to chat about favorites, both old and new. In those discussions, taking ZEBETA, it is a matter of time before Bob Probert’s name comes up. About ZEBETA, As in, “I have to say, my all time favorite is Probert.” Or, purchase ZEBETA online no prescription, “You have to have some stuff on Bob Probert.” To the people that ask about Goonblog that really don’t know what a goon is, Rx free ZEBETA, I say, “We write about people like Bob Probert.” The point being, he’s the household name for enforcing, after ZEBETA, and for my money, Order ZEBETA online overnight delivery no prescription, there has never been a better enforcer than Bob Probert.

bob-probert-funeralGodspeed, Bob. 

bob-probert-candid Look at the man’s fight card over his career, and it’s a who’s who of enforcers, my ZEBETA experience. BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION, Go on YouTube right now, and put in Bob Probert. Last time I did that, ZEBETA steet value, I didn’t realize I had been watching fights for over three hours until I went to stand and pee, and my legs were both asleep. The guy fought, online buy ZEBETA without a prescription, and more often than not, Where can i buy cheapest ZEBETA online, beat, every tough guy in the league for almost 20 years. It’s incredible looking at his fight card, ZEBETA dose. He fought all comers, ZEBETA used for, night in, and night out.

I can remember like it was yesterday in the 2001-2002 season when Andre “The Russian Bear” Nazarov bloodied Probert. Nazarov was the worst enforcer ever, and as we all know, you win some lose some in the fight game, BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION. He bloodied Probert early on, ZEBETA treatment, and then held on for dear life. Order ZEBETA no prescription, The hanging on for dear life was pretty much par for the course for Nazzy, but because he first bloodied Bob Probert before he tried not to get himself killed, the media went crazy around here, ZEBETA without a prescription. Real fans knew he got lucky, ZEBETA pictures, for Probert, it’s just another day at the office.

More than what he did as an enforcer though, was the fact he could actually play the game a little bit too, buy cheap ZEBETA no rx. 163 goals, Online buying ZEBETA hcl, 221 assists, 3,300 PIM in 935 NHL games is something to be very proud of. What Bob Probert can be even more proud of, is his legacy as a great teammate, and a father to four kids. Sure he had his legal problems over the years, but he seemed to have his stuff together for a long time and I’m not one to cast stones in the booze department. One thing’s for certain, Heaven’s hockey club just got a whole lot tougher. RIP, Probie.


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February 13, 2010

A Exclusive!

matt-carkner-ottawa-senators HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, 1. After turning Pro in 2001-02 with Cleveland, and having played in 2 NHL contests prior to this season, rx free HERBAL PHENTERMINE, how do you keep yourself motivated to make the NHL. After HERBAL PHENTERMINE, Hockey is my life and I have always been driven to compete at the highest level that I could. Playing in the NHL has always been my #1 goal and just being so close for so long gave me a little hope that it could happen. As I got further into my career, taking HERBAL PHENTERMINE, I felt that my shot may not come, HERBAL PHENTERMINE dangers, but I wanted to be ready if it did. 

2. Who in your opinion is the toughest guy in the NHL right now, HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. You can say yourself. George Laraque is probably one of the toughest, herbal HERBAL PHENTERMINE, I haven't fought him yet, Is HERBAL PHENTERMINE safe, but I'm sure I will get the chance.  I'd probably say that Colton Orr is up there as well, I did fight him and he comes at you hard. 

matt-carkner-vs-steve-downie3. Is Jeremy Yablonski a former teammate you were glad to have on your side? Definitely, he is a tough player, HERBAL PHENTERMINE maximum dosage. He always brings energy to the games and I don't think there are too many guys who really like to fight him. Buy cheap HERBAL PHENTERMINE no rx,

4. HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Which did you enjoy more, your first NHL scrap, or first NHL goal. I think the goal was more enjoyable mainly because it was in my home town and it was the first time I ever played in the NHL at the Scotiabank Place. All of my family was there and I also got the first star, HERBAL PHENTERMINE samples. So, HERBAL PHENTERMINE schedule, it was a pretty big night. I also had an assist that night, but I couldn't get Jackman to fight me for the Gordie Howe, HERBAL PHENTERMINE alternatives. Ha ha, I guess I'll have to do that some other time.

5, HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. What are the biggest differences between the AHL and NHL. HERBAL PHENTERMINE wiki, The structure of the game is a lot better. Sometimes in the minors players will totally get out of position and for a defenseman trying to break the puck out, it’s sometimes hard to do when you don't know where your forwards are going to be, buy HERBAL PHENTERMINE without a prescription. Also everyone is more skilled, HERBAL PHENTERMINE natural, faster, bigger, and smarter, HERBAL PHENTERMINE treatment. It's definitely a big step up.

matt-carkner-39 HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, 6. How many times have you seen SlapShot. Discount HERBAL PHENTERMINE, Too many.

7. Which tough guys in the NHL chirp the most. I don't know if it's necessarily the tough guys that  do most of the chirping.

8, buy HERBAL PHENTERMINE online no prescription. Do you keep track of your fight card, HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. No, Canada, mexico, india, but I usually remember who I fight.

9. When you look ahead on the schedule, are there certain games you just know you’ll have to drop the gloves, effects of HERBAL PHENTERMINE. Does it make your game day preparation any different. HERBAL PHENTERMINE pictures, Some times you know for sure, but then other times you think you are going to have to, but it never happens, buy HERBAL PHENTERMINE online cod. HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Everyone is on different pages and sometimes guys are banged up and don't really want to go. So, Online buying HERBAL PHENTERMINE hcl, I just prepare to play the game and am always ready to drop the gloves.

10. If you have time to think about fighting (IE, after a goal off a faceoff when you’ve talked about it with the other guy) what are you thinking as the puck drops, HERBAL PHENTERMINE over the counter. Is it the same if you drop them during  heat of the game type scrap. Ordering HERBAL PHENTERMINE online, I just see what kind of stance he's in and try to find a way to get an advantage. Every fight is different and it's a lot of read and react. 

11, HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. Can you hear the crowd during the game, or is it just the game action?Not really, order HERBAL PHENTERMINE no prescription. I do hear when they get real loud, but I'm focused mostly on the game and communicating with my teammates.

12. Do you ever decline a fight (not the right time, hand a little tender) but inside you just want to pound the crap out of someone. Ya, it happens.  You either get told by the coaches not too, or your banged up. Sometimes I'll be at the end of a shift and you don't want to give your opponent a big advantage. 

matt-carkner-goonblog HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, 13. If you are on the way to the rink and someone cuts you off in traffic, is it nice to know you have a job where you can slam someone into the glass to channel some frustrations? It's always good to let the frustrations out.

14. What would Goonblog readers be surprised to know about Matt Carkner. That I prefer the Cove Country Inn as opposed to Morton’s Steakhouse.

15. Do you think The Ref has the biggest head you’ve ever seen, or is it just me? Huge head.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Carkinator. Here’s to a continued great first year in the show. Matt Carkner Stats at


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December 20, 2009

stock-pj-2-b22 BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, As the end of the decade approaches there are a million different "Top..." lists floating around the web. The Ref and I have been heavily debating the Top 50 Comedies of the 00's and we both agree Stepbrothers is getting royally shafted. Naturally, The Hangover is coming in tops on a lot of lists, MOTILIUM duration. It's also #1 on our list of the Top 50 Overrated Comedies of the decade. If you haven’t seen Stepbrothers, Buy MOTILIUM without a prescription, do it. NOW, BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. Wait. Finish reading this, and then sit down with Brennan and Dale.

On a slightly more related note, low dose MOTILIUM, has been around for about half the decade and has seen some great enforcers come in to the league during that time. It got me to thinking about who my choice for favorite tough guy of the last ten years would be. About MOTILIUM, I am having a hard time choosing right now for a few reasons. BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, First, I am not all that creative. The second being, if they had a list of Top 50 Things I did to my brain to cause damage this decade with booze and a general lack of common sense, we wouldn’t really scratch the surface of how un-smart I am, MOTILIUM no prescription. Here are some things I am struggling with in terms of prerequisites.

Dennis Bonvie recently retired as the most penalized player in North American hockey history. He’s been playing hockey for a long time now, Buy no prescription MOTILIUM online, and he’s one of my all time favorite tough guys. Would he be considered an enforcer of the decade despite the fact his career spans several. Also, does he have enough NHL experience to be considered, BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. Does NHL experience matter. That puts a guy like Tie Domi in the mix, cheap MOTILIUM. He has all NHL experience and retired in the decade, but does that make him the best of most popular enforcer of the decade. Fast shipping MOTILIUM,

I don’t care much for wins and losses in a fight, what I am looking for when thinking of this list is guys I like to watch fight, and when I am flipping through the Center Ice Package I stop and say, “Oh, where can i buy MOTILIUM online, I’ll watch this game because so and so plays for them.” In the end I decided on a couple of definites.

1. BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, If they played in the years 2000-2009, they were eligible.
2. MOTILIUM cost, If I followed the career path, they were eligible.
3. If I had personally met and interacted with them off the ice, MOTILIUM images, eligible. This is where a lot of guys score highly.

Without further ado, Goonblog’s Top 10 Enforcers of the Decade!

10, BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. PJ Stock. Where can i find MOTILIUM online, Undersized for the role, PJ went into the breach with the determination of a hungry Pit Bull in Michael Vick’s back yard. He had three of the most memorable fights in the “New” Boston Garden, and had a hell of a following in Boston, rx free MOTILIUM. To this day, PJ Stock Crew shirts can still be seen worn to Bruins games.

9. Shawn Thornton BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, . Discount MOTILIUM, 22 has been a full time NHLer since the 06-07 season where he won a Stanley Cup in Anaheim. Before that, he made frequent stops in the Tsongas Arena with Norfolk, and Portland, buying MOTILIUM online over the counter. Thornton is a guy that clearly enjoys playing a game for a living and keeps penalty box attendants in stitches with his quick wit. On here as much for his personality as he is his pugilistic ability, Buy MOTILIUM no prescription, Shawn has improved his fighting skills tremendously this season.

8. Ben Eager, BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. On here mostly because I marvel at how equipment mangers around the league are consistently able to make a Gatorade bucket look like a hockey helmet. Have you seen the size of that boy’s heeeed?!

7. Darcy Hordichuk, MOTILIUM trusted pharmacy reviews. I have been a big fan of him since the old Springfield Falcon days. He also had a couple of donnybrooks with “Mad” Mel Angelstad when they were both in the IHL that are a must see for any fight fan.

BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, 6. Ryan Flinn. MOTILIUM schedule, If there was a more intimidating looking enforcer in the AHL from 2001-2005, I didn’t see him. But then again, maybe I’ve been blocking them out, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Shudder. The resemblance to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart is also remarkable.

5, BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. Gordie Dwyer. MOTILIUM street price, Hands down, one of the nicest most personable guys I have ever met. He was hurt a lot of the time he was a member of the Lowell Lockmonsters so I got to speak with him many, many times during games, MOTILIUM description. Not 100% sure he enjoyed the role of enforcer, definitely not at the AHL level, Taking MOTILIUM, but for a guy that could fight he was the one of the best skaters, and body checkers around.

4. Officer Brendan Walsh BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, . No doubt, the funniest human being on the ice ever, MOTILIUM recreational. With quotes like, “Half price goatees boys. Where can i buy cheapest MOTILIUM online, And "Hey Kanko, give me extra cheese on my taco,” it’s hard to disagree. The only thing that ever got the best of Walshie was a puck according to him; he was a thorn in the AHL’s side for 4 seasons, MOTILIUM interactions. His one game swan song as a Lowell Lockmoster was one of my favorite memories of the old team.

3, BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. Trevor Gillies. Speaking of the old Lockmonsters, Trevor has been a Goonblog favorite since his debut with Lowell in the 1999-2000 season. One of the best guys off the ice as well, he’s always willing to stop and say hi when coming back to the Paul. His fight in which he and Richard Scott bloodied each other was one of the better fights I have seen in that building.

2. Dennis Bonvie BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, . Every time “Bones” was in the building, the calendar was circled and watched with the anticipation of getting a Red Rider BB gun with a compass in the stock. Could rival Walshie as the funniest person on earth, Bonvie was always entertaining and gave an honest effort every night. Some career highlights include the time he was barking like a dog at Craig MacDonald at the redline during warm-ups, and asking the penalty box attendant if Lowell’s Jan Vodrazka had ever fought before after handling he youngster soundly. Classic Bonvie.

76073847RB017_New_York_Rang 1.Colton Orr. Right now, Orrsie is my favorite player in the NHL not wearing #17 for the Boston Bruins, BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. If Boston were smart, they wouldn’t have waived him a couple of years ago, but that is a whole different post. Orr is as tough and honest as they come these days. He truly loves to fight as evidence by the ear to ear grin on his face while being led to his home away from home to feel shame for 5 minutes at a time. Also, the time I introduced myself to him after I had at least 30 beers after a Bruins game he could have been a real jerk to a drunken guy. BUY MOTILIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, Instead he humored me for a few minutes as we talked enforcers, and guys he has fought. I am sure I was making no sense, as the look on his face was an indication, but he was a cool guy like most of the pro hockey players out there are.

So, there we have it. My Top 10. I’d love to see what the group thinks, and welcome any suggestions on guys I left out. Merry Christmas all. Go easy on the egg nog, eh?


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