by The Ref on June 16, 2011

in Vancouver Canucks

NAPROSYN FOR SALE, And I truly mean that. NAPROSYN dangers, I’m not gloating or otherwise being a dick. I have several friends who live in Vancouver and even a few who work for the Canucks, comprar en línea NAPROSYN, comprar NAPROSYN baratos. Order NAPROSYN no prescription, They’re all beyond embarrassed by the events of last night – and I’m not just talking about the 4-0 loss to the Bruins. Is that horse dead yet, NAPROSYN mg. Well… beat it again anyway.

"It's on Facebook and YouTube all over the world, NAPROSYN FOR SALE. Is NAPROSYN addictive, People think this is Vancouver, but it's not, after NAPROSYN. Online buy NAPROSYN without a prescription, It's just a small group of idiots." – Yaletown Resident

Their embarrassment stems rather from the mayhem and destruction which erupted after the game, to the extent that many citizens were encouraged by their employers to take the day off from work and assist in volunteer clean-up crews, cheap NAPROSYN no rx. Buy no prescription NAPROSYN online, The bad apples did some serious damage:

  • There are only a few bad apples, usually, order NAPROSYN from United States pharmacy. Order NAPROSYN from mexican pharmacy, Last night this was not the case: “The mayhem we witnessed in the downtown core Wednesday evening and into the early hours of today was not the work of a few bad apples. There are thousands of people who are culpable for what happened – thousands.”Globe and Mail
  • A downtown drugstore was among many business vandalized and looted by a crowd which proved unstoppable: NAPROSYN FOR SALE, (We had) eight additional security officers on staff and the same resistant glass and secure metal grill barriers that were in place for the 2010 Olympics, but "the sheer number and force of the rioters far exceeded the Georgia/Granville corridor's barrier capabilities,"Vancouver Sun
  • A Tumblr page has been created to help the VPD identify the worst of last night’s rioters. It’s also screen-shotting and posting Facebook updates where remarkably stupid people (case in point: Brock Anton) are actually bragging about their specific activities, doses NAPROSYN work. NAPROSYN without prescription, In his defence, when your parents name you “Brock” you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up being a douche, NAPROSYN alternatives. Low dose NAPROSYN,
  • Although still unconfirmed, I’ve read several places that there were at least 4 stabbings, NAPROSYN price. NAPROSYN from canadian pharmacy, Probably with sharpened souvenir mini-sticks.
  • Cars were flipped, businesses destroyed, NAPROSYN canada, mexico, india, NAPROSYN over the counter, fires set – you get the picture. It was bad, NAPROSYN FOR SALE. Cincinnati bad.

I’ll wager that the same people who are currently lending a hand and sweeping up glass are also the city’s real hockey fans, online buying NAPROSYN hcl. Where to buy NAPROSYN, This is what happens when Fairweather Fan Fever grips a city which is home to a successful team – especially when that team has been languishing for years. Everybody and their mother get into the spirit of the thing, NAPROSYN treatment, NAPROSYN use, and unfortunately the newly (and usually dramatically) enlarged pep squad invariably ends up containing more than a few fucktards.


And as we’ve seen several times in the last decade, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the city of the losing team which gets razed, NAPROSYN trusted pharmacy reviews. NAPROSYN price, coupon, Triumphant fans are also capable of unbelievable stupidity and destruction, and in this scenario it makes even less sense if that’s even possible (see Montreal, 2008). This is obviously a personal preference, but at no celebratory time in my life have I ever had even the inkling to overturn a Kia.

Here’s to a speedy recovery, Vancouver. Identifying the mental midgets in the hundreds of riot photos which have ended up online, then banning them from the Rogers Arena - and even putting them on a watch list for future downtown gatherings - will be a great start. As will fines, prison time and the inevitable shower room finger assaults that usually plague over-privileged little hipster bastards who end up doing hard time.


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