by Chris on February 12, 2008

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This is not about me venting and being bitter, CIALIA FOR SALE. CIALIA street price, I was crushed for a day like most of New England, but in the end, life goes on, where to buy CIALIA. Congratulations to the World Champion New York Giants. CIALIA schedule, If anything good comes out of this, my brother’s father in law and one of the genuinely nicest guys I have ever met is a huge Giants fan. I am happy for him, discount CIALIA. CIALIA FOR SALE, Realizing it may seem as if I am way off base here, I’ll get to the point. Fast forward to whatever day the Giants had their parade to celebrate their biggest win evah. Order CIALIA online overnight delivery no prescription, Tuesday maybe. Totally doesn’t matter. I am in the gym with Davo when NECN shows highlights of the parade, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. The first clip they showed was of Michael Strahan at the podium, CIALIA FOR SALE. I thought, CIALIA dose, oh this will be nice; he seems like a nice young man. He gets up there and starts talking. He says to all those opponents through the season, CIALIA samples, and in particular our last opponent, CIALIA online cod, we just want to say, we (and then the whole team jumps up in the air) stomped you out. Get it, taking CIALIA. CIALIA FOR SALE, Enraged. If you are a New England fan, CIALIA dosage, most assuredly yes.

I saw him do this and all I could think of as he was landing (other than, “I Hope the whole fucking stage collapses”) was, CIALIA price, this is why I love hockey. CIALIA maximum dosage, This is why I love enforcers. Could you imagine a Stanley Cup parade that ended like that. Could you see Chris Pronger jumping in the air saying, “We stomped you out?” No, me neither, CIALIA FOR SALE. Enforcers go out and do a job that not many people can fathom, low dose CIALIA. They willingly get punched in the face by other men to stand up for a cause, CIALIA pictures, or a teammate. Sure they may throw up their hands in celebration after a big win in a fight, but just as often, they can be seen thanking the other guy for a good go. The men that do this job must be allowed to live on. It is up to fans of the fight like us to talk about them, and celebrate them and fighting in hockey whenever we can. They are a rare and dying breed, and must not be stomped out. So, that’s that. The main reason I love enforcers, is the same reason Demi Moore loves the accused Marines in “A Few Good Men.” Because they stand on a wall.

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1 The Hammer February 12, 2008 at 8:31 am

Indeed I wish that stage had fallen down under the weight of that gap tooth asshole. If he were in the NHL damn right the next game he would get his head handed to him, but our lovey dovey football leaque stinks. When was the last time you saw a guy like Seymour just smirk off the bigest lose of the year like “oh well there always next year”, would never happen in hockey. Invest 18 fuckin games just to have the Pats puke on the field and forget that they had a game to play.
Bring on petro racing

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