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BIAXIN FOR SALE, For those of you that were looking to read something interesting about hockey, I apologize. To be honest, BIAXIN canada, mexico, india, is there even anything to talk about these days. Didn’t think so.

So I had a bit of a boon doggle a few weeks back and wanted to share my adventures with you all, buy cheap BIAXIN no rx. My employer was recently purchased by a German company and they had us all over for a Christmas party / meeting the week before XMAS. Yeah you read that right…a Christmas party, not some fuckin politically correct Holiday party, BIAXIN FOR SALE. Buy BIAXIN from mexico, Me and the crew headed across the pond to see our comrades. The flight was in two parts; part 1: Boston to Amsterdam / part 2: Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. Lucky enough for me I was upgraded to Amsterdam, BIAXIN use. Nothing beats first class when you have to fly but first class on an international flight is simply orgasmic. BIAXIN FOR SALE, The plan consists of: whack a few stiff drinks back, have a nice meal, drink a few glasses of quality wine with dinner, whack a few more stiff drinks back and then pass out. BIAXIN recreational, Next thing you know it’s the next day and you are landing in Europe. I would like to apologize to my fellow passengers as my gas that night was horrific.

The connecting flight and meetings in Germany aren’t worth mentioning, online buying BIAXIN. Although, Buy no prescription BIAXIN online, I will say Dusseldorf is a decent city. We spent sometime touring around and hit a few of the hot spots that included great brew pubs, BIAXIN FOR SALE. A good time was had by all.

The fun starts on the way home as me and another colleague decided to spend Saturday in Amsterdam, BIAXIN used for. We had to connect in Amsterdam anyways and thought why not spend a full day and night being tourists in Amsterdam. BIAXIN street price, This would enable us to catch an earlier flight back to the states the next morning as we would not need to travel from Dusseldorf at O dark hundred. BIAXIN FOR SALE, Anyone been to Amsterdam. Than you know what I am about to write. For those that haven’t, australia, uk, us, usa, I have but one recommendation…..GET YOUR ASS TO AMSTERDAM ASAP!!!. About BIAXIN, Forget Vegas for a bachelor party or Myrtle Beach for a guys golf weekend, the land of the clogs is the place to go. Amsterdam is similar to New Orleans as it is below sea level, BIAXIN images. It is surrounded by canals named after colors which makes getting around a no brainer even for those that need GPS to get home everyday from work, BIAXIN FOR SALE. We began our day with a stop at the Anne Frank house. BIAXIN overnight, If you don’t know the story of her you might wanna re-think if all those drugs you did in High School were really worth it. It was a very moving experience and for me to say that is pretty amazing as I have a heart like Vince McMahon. Her family lived in fear of their lives for 2 years never once leaving the house, BIAXIN dose. BIAXIN FOR SALE, Can you imagine living like that in 2008.

We hit a few shops afterwards as my colleague loves to stuff his luggage with useless trinkets from around the Globe. BIAXIN description, At one of the shops we asked for help locating a good local eatery for lunch. The kind lady sent us along to a great pub called Durty Nellies. The food was great and the Heineken was even better, taking BIAXIN. It’s kinda like drinking Molson in Canada, BIAXIN FOR SALE. The difference from US Molson and Canadian Molson is night and day. Herbal BIAXIN, I’m not a big Heineken fan in the US but it was very tasty in Holland.

Now that our bellies were full, along with our bladders, discount BIAXIN, it was time to venture out to the Red Light District and “Coffee Shops”. BIAXIN pharmacy, Wholly shit Goonblogers, I walked into paradise and I was still alive. BIAXIN FOR SALE, As we walked down the street there are hundreds of doors with Red Lights lit above them. The streets were packed with horny men from all over the world looking for action, kjøpe BIAXIN på nett, köpa BIAXIN online. The entire industry is regulated in Holland and the “workers” are tested on a routine basis for diseases. Buy BIAXIN from canada, They even segregate things so that certain parts of town have the white chicks then you can move on to Asians, blacks and even some trannies for those real SMF. I thought it was my duty an honor as a GoonBlog contributor to research and educate our readers in case you ever get the chance to visit this gem of a spot, buy BIAXIN online no prescription.

Each worker is set up in a room about 12x10 that includes a glass front door that they sit behind in very little clothing, basically bra and panties along with a bed, BIAXIN FOR SALE. Some are located on the second level from the street and include showers. Buy BIAXIN no prescription, When they are “occupied” they pull a shade down on the front glass door. The going rate is $50 Euros’ for 50 minutes. That is the opening bid and is negotiable based on your demands, BIAXIN no prescription. BIAXIN FOR SALE, So for example: Chris would probably like a girl to whisper into his ears Tie Domi’s fighting major statistics while he eats pizza off her breasts. The Ref may want his lass to sing the Canadian National Anthem while he throttles her like an Alaskan hunting seal pups. After BIAXIN, Those requests may cost a bit more.

Walking into a room, you may feel shame similar to being escorted to the sin bin after committing a foolish hooking penalty in the offensive zone but exiting the room, the euphoric feeling is similar to being the new kid who takes down George Laraque with one punch, not that I would know or anything.

The “Coffee Shops” do not sell any alcohol but they can sell you enough Hashish and Marijuana that you forget alcohol exists. The first one I entered was about half the size of a typical hockey locker room and EVERYONE is smoking, BIAXIN FOR SALE. I was stoned before I even asked for a menu. It brought me back to the days of Al’s basement in high school. You don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone and having words as all the patrons are in very good moods.

It was a quick 24 hours and very blurry from a recollection standpoint but I hope I painted a good enough picture for you. The place is insane and I highly recommend visiting it before you leave this earth.

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1 Red Thunder January 11, 2008 at 4:09 am

So you had A good flight? Do they serve peanuts on the plane?

2 Greg January 12, 2008 at 2:40 am

Killer, I think you’ve just planned my next vacation for me.

3 stefan January 12, 2008 at 9:47 am

i used to live in cologne, which is pretty much like boston to NY when it comes to sports… dusseldorf, lol. can only laugh about it.
and i guess amsterdam is a tourist attraction, but if you live only like three hours away it gets old pretty fast… anyway, glad you enjoyed your trip! next time you’re in germany you should ask for a “bitburger pils” which is the best beer ever! and that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that i grew up in bitburg or that i earned my first money as a teen working in the brewery ;p

4 stefan January 12, 2008 at 9:48 am

duesseldorf is to cologne what NY is to boston when it comes to sports i should say… sorry.

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