by Chris on September 10, 2007

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FRISIUM FOR SALE, Ok, so like, this is long overdue eh. To answer your question Red Thunder, FRISIUM from canadian pharmacy, I have not repeat, NOT kicked my Goon buddies to the curb. I promised an update on where the hell I’ve been at the end of August, cheap FRISIUM, and I have not delivered. Buy no prescription FRISIUM online, For that, I apologize. Here’s a quick recap of why I haven’t, get FRISIUM.

For starters, my Sony piece of shit notebook decided that the copy of Vista Business that is loaded is not genuine, FRISIUM FOR SALE. Well, FRISIUM mg, considering I won it from the PC Reseller I work for, and I won it for selling a lot of Microsoft, from the Microsoft rep, FRISIUM from canada, I’m pretty fucking sure the copy of Vista is Genuine. FRISIUM used for, As such the little fucker doesn’t work properly and I have been on the phone with Sony so many times, I know all about my support rep’s life. I finally got it straight, online FRISIUM without a prescription, and here I am typing away on my piece of shit Sony Vaio. FRISIUM brand name, Quick tip. FRISIUM FOR SALE, If you are looking at a notebook, stick with Lenovo. I miss my T60, and I am thinking of a way to get it back from MOL, FRISIUM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. I’m thinking jewelry and a straight up trade for this POS. FRISIUM online cod, So, that’s the reason for the hold up. For once it’s not me being on a bender, buying FRISIUM online over the counter. Maybe I’m growing up, FRISIUM FOR SALE. I know, FRISIUM without a prescription, I know. I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. Considering my absence hasn’t been entirely non bender, no prescription FRISIUM online, and crappy PC related, FRISIUM images, it was impossible to type with a straight face.

So, where have I been, about FRISIUM. FRISIUM FOR SALE, Well, I had my bachelor party a couple of weeks ago. I’m told it was a lovely time. Kjøpe FRISIUM på nett, köpa FRISIUM online, We went to the Paw Sox, and a couple of peelers. I remember being at the game, online buy FRISIUM without a prescription, and I remember one of the peelers. FRISIUM dangers, The other. Not so much, FRISIUM FOR SALE. I have been hearing all the stories about how I could not stand under my own power, and the second anyone took a hand off my shoulder, order FRISIUM from United States pharmacy, I started falling forward. Australia, uk, us, usa, I guess the boys made a game of it….as they should have. I do know I woke up in a bed by myself, and was hungover for two days, FRISIUM treatment. Great times. FRISIUM FOR SALE, I really appreciate all the boys coming, and taking care of me when I was hammered. Where can i cheapest FRISIUM online, MOL and I have been looking for a house too. So, on top of planning a wedding, where can i buy FRISIUM online, working, FRISIUM over the counter, and my general lack of sobriety, we are trying to find a place to live. We had an offer in on a place, but it fell through. We had another offer in on a place, and that fell through as well. For now, we will pull back until October 1 when we get back from the honeymoon, FRISIUM FOR SALE.

Speaking of MOL, her bachelorette party was a couple of weeks ago. I dropped her off, and Rich and I went to a bar. We drank several pictures of Miller Lite, and watched a Red Sox no-no. Then we met up with a bunch of drunken girls in the city. FRISIUM FOR SALE, He needed to get a lift back with his wife, and I was supposed to get MOL. Trouble is, they weren’t exactly ready to leave, so I ended up in the mix. Luckily one of the girls wasn’t drinking and was able to drive us all home. Good times.

We also managed a weekend up at the lake with Bobby. We went for a couple of boat rides, and drank a bunch of brew, FRISIUM FOR SALE. Then we hit the town, and slept in a tent in the back of Bob’s truck. It was a great weekend too. So, that’s where I’ve been. I hope everyone had a great summer. I for one am psyched Camps open this week, because I need some hockey real bad. 13 days until I go pro boys. Wish me luck.

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1 Red Thunder September 11, 2007 at 1:54 am

Fucken right bro, the best of luck to you and yours always.

2 Todd St.Louis September 12, 2007 at 10:02 am

Sounds like ya had way too much fun!
Sounds like old hockey days for me! lol!
The only difference i usaully had some chick next to me and would make her do the walk of shame to the payphone to call for a ride!
Hope all is great!
Check ya!

3 Chris September 14, 2007 at 9:14 pm

Thanks for the well wishes RT! Semper Fi bro! Todd, great story man. I think the faitful Goonblog readers would love to hear more. When I get back, we should talk.

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