by Chris on January 2, 2007

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BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, I am gearing up for the Boston Jekyll and Hyde’s tonight. Happy New Year by the way. Anyway, I am happy to announce that after having a cold since Thanksgiving, I am finally 100% better. So, PLENDIL class, I am going to drink a beer and try and guess which Bruins Team shows up tonight.

Earlier I was looking at fights on youtube. What the hell happened in the Rangers/Capitals game the other night, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Brashear and Orr’s fight was pretty good. Reason I ask is MOL and I are headed to our Nations Capital next weekend for the Caps game against the Thrashers. PLENDIL from canada, Hopefully the Caps are willing to mix it up again with Atlanta. Every time I watch them Huggy Bear is in a fight. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, They are a fun team to follow, unlike the Bruins. I love the B’s, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t all that much fun to follow sometimes. They don’t fight, purchase PLENDIL. They love to give games away. They don’t fight. I think Zdeno Chara is the most over rated player in the NHL, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. He looks like Hal Gill part 2. Oh yeah, Is PLENDIL addictive, they don’t fight. I am hoping they have a few donnybrooks tonight. The Bruins have had some bad blood with the Leafs earlier, and I hope it boils over tonight. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, I am going to check in after the First. Happy New Year all. Grab a brew, PLENDIL long term. Don’t cost nothing.

First Period
Shocking a Leafs chance would come off a bad change. This is a poorly coached Team, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

In keeping with a poorly coached team theme, I would like to see Tenkrat on the first line. Cheap PLENDIL no rx, I like Versus. I think they have done a good job as of late. Too bad no one is watching. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, It figures I call out Big Z and he scores. Good for him. Oh, and No Skills was defending him, PLENDIL samples.

Referee Justin St. Pierre is a dick. He told me to get him a Pepsi in the frog accent after a Lockmonster game, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. I wanted to punch him in his face.

I really don’t think Tim Thomas is all that good. PLENDIL from mexico, Boston needs to make a trade for a proven starter.

Should I drink a beer. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Stupid question.

Versus is promoting the PBR. I am being serious. If you ever get a chance to go to a PBR event, you should, PLENDIL recreational. Wildly entertaining.


Um, Mr. York. PLENDIL photos, You might want t get a body on that 13 guy. Uh, yeah, um, that’s Mats Sundin. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Is Chris Simpson related to Rob Simpson. They are both long winded twits, PLENDIL australia, uk, us, usa.

Bad penalty there on Alberts. He needs to stop that shit. When he cuts that College shit out, I think he’s going to be one of the best defensemen in the league. No, I am not on dope, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Doses PLENDIL work, I’m totally serious.

I think they have a midget camera man there in Toronto. They used to have a midget trainer for the St. John Maple Leaf. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, That really looked like it hurt when Tucker went into the boards. Mara did it to him too. I hope he goes after him, ordering PLENDIL online.

Anyone that couldn’t see the second Leaf goal coming hasn’t watched much Bruins hockey this year. Running around in your own end will kill you every time. Again, poor coaching, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

No Skills with the goal. That’s odd. Buy PLENDIL online cod, I call out Chara, compare him to the worst player in the league, and they both score. Damn. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, I get tired of being right all the time.

What the fuck is Mojo.

Stastny needs to bury that one timer into an open net, PLENDIL steet value, or he is going back to the AHL soon.

I love the on ice audio. Even if No Skills is the one wearing the Mic.

That’s a pretty shitty call on Alberts for elbowing, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Looked like Tucker was ducking under the hit. PLENDIL natural, I was under the impression if you are bleeding like Darcy Tucker is right now; you had to leave the ice for repair. Am I wrong on this.

Chara looks hurt after blocking that shot. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, That was a poor period from the Bruins. They need to stop running around so much, and Alberts needs to stop taking penalties. I hope Tucker is pissed, order PLENDIL from mexican pharmacy, and decides to go after Mara, or Alberts. Or both.

Second Period
Did I mention I have on my Goonblog hockey t-shirt. I do, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i order PLENDIL without prescription, You should get yours soon.

Cool plays of the year in between periods. That goal by Malkin was sick. I like to watch the Pens on Center Ice. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Them and the Caps are my two favorites.


I was fooling with Top Friends on Myspace in between periods. I made Screwy St, where can i buy PLENDIL online. Louis a Top Friend. Guy lead the WPHL in PIM’s with 331 in 67 games in ’98-’99. Our kind of player, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

St. Pierre missed that call on Tucker. Online buying PLENDIL, If you call it one way, you gotta call it the other. Asshole. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, LINE BRAWL!!. PLEASE!!. FUUUUUUUCK!!.

Thomas sucks, cheap PLENDIL.

We need a fight here. Down 3-1, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Division rivals. They need to settle this like men. Oh wait. PLENDIL dosage, This is the new NHL. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Never mind.

I think I might try to go to the Bruins Thursday. Little Halftime Pizza before. Done and done.

How in the hell did Boston let O’Connell trade Joe Thornton.

What the hell was that play by Thomas, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Jesus, PLENDIL dangers. There was someone right behind him.

With the exception of the near fight, that was a terribly boring period I feel. If I am Dave Lewis, PLENDIL over the counter, I am telling someone to start a fight to start the third. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Third Period

No Skills arguing with Coach Randy Ladoucuer before the period. Um No Skills, maybe you should listen to him.

4-1. Can we please start a fight now. Please, PLENDIL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

That is a weak goal by the way, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. The kind an AHL goaltender gives up. Oh wait….

I gotta pee.

Much better. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Terrible penalty on Marco Sturm. That’s Darcy being Darcy.

Shocking it would lead to a goal. Fucking awful defense by 33.

Now can we fight.


I like to see Tenkrat back up on the line with Muzz and Savard.

OK, power play for the Bruins. Let’s get a goal here boys.

5 on 3 now. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, No Skills on the hook.

Nice save there by Raycroft.

Boy that was a crappy PP. You know why. You guessed it….poor coaching.


I am going Thursday. I hope this bad blood boils over. BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Wow. What a sucktacular game for the Bruins. Fucking embarrassing.

No fights. No intensity. Arguably the worst Bruins game of the season. Once again, Happy New Year everyone.


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February 10, 2007 at 2:25 am

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1 The Ref January 3, 2007 at 6:32 am

Great play-by-play, Chris. I have tickets to Thursday’s game. Got them for my birthday and obviously I have to take the person who gave them to me. Although it doesn’t hurt that she’s a-friggin-lovely. Let me know if you end up going and I’ll meet you for some J-Poppers prior.

2 Chris January 3, 2007 at 6:43 am

Thanks bro. Would have been a lot better if there was a fight. I want to go to the game, but I am leaving for DC the next day for the weekend. Not sure if I can make it. It will be a game time decision, and I will keep you posted.

3 Killer January 5, 2007 at 3:05 am

Stevie Y – so watching the dreadfull B’s Monday night get blown out of the building in Toronto on Versus all I kept hearing was to tune into Versus Tuesday night for the Stevie Y retirement cermony from Hockey Town. I am a huge fan of # 19 so I sat back Tuesday night with great excitment lookign forward to seeing his retirement ceremony on Versus. 7:30 p.m. comes and there is Bill Clement in studio with those 2 knobs (p.s. Brian Engblom have the worst hairdue on the planet). They tell us to stay tuned for an exciting and memorable night on Versus including the Stevie Y ceremony. 7:45 p.m. comes and no Stevie Y ceremony, 7:50 p.m. comes and Clement mentions to stay tuned at the top of the hour for the Blues vs. Blackhawks live on versus. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE STEVIE Y RETIRMENT CERMENOY U PROMISED ME?

4 Killer January 5, 2007 at 3:06 am

ooops…fat fingers pressed the enter button and I wasn’t done. So long stpry short @ 7:55 p.m. they say and now to Detroit for the retirement of #19. Those mother fuckers only showed his jursey being hoisted up into the rafters all of about 18 seconds. Fuck them and fuck the prick who kept me tuning in. Fuck off versus u cock suckers.

5 Chris January 5, 2007 at 5:12 am

Killer, Um, I’m not a docotr or anything, but I might suggest upping the dosage on your meds…

6 Killer January 5, 2007 at 7:13 am

It’s the end of the 2knd period and the B’s are down 6-2 to the Leefs. How much fun is the Ref having 2night? If I was him I would head on over to Half Time Pizza for a few 32 ouncers and a slice or 4 of pizza. For me, I am off to re-arrange my sock drawer for the rest of the night. What time is the Professional Bull Riders Tour on Versus?

7 Chris January 5, 2007 at 7:50 am

I am packing for Washington, and getting into the Whiskey. Speaking of Halftime, you going to be able to make it to another tilt this year Killer, or are you confined to home with new baby?

8 Killer January 5, 2007 at 8:05 am

I’m done with my socks and low and behold this game is still on: 10-2 Toronto. Finally a fight with less than 4 minutes to go. What a fucking joke the B’s are. I have to go to the game Saturday with a bunch of buddies from college. I’ll be @ Halftime by the end of 1 I bet. Baby # 2 is gonna keep me under wraps but i’ll keep u posted when I have tickets. Chara is the new Hal Gill.

9 Chris January 5, 2007 at 8:19 am

My fucking DVR stopped before the fight. Was it any good? Chara sucks, and he should be made to wear 25.

10 Matt Baumer January 27, 2007 at 10:32 am

You are so right. Chara’s salary could have been used for someone who can skate with the puck and spend less time in the box

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