by Chris on November 16, 2006

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BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, I just caught Jack Edwards saying Gary Bettman is supposed to join he and Brick in the booth in the second stanza. DIFENOXIN street price, I know it will be the typical fluff questions. You know, online DIFENOXIN without a prescription, DIFENOXIN pharmacy, "How do you think year two of the CBA is going?" "Are you surprised the fans came back?" You know, that PR bull the commish has to do, buy cheap DIFENOXIN no rx. Purchase DIFENOXIN, I really would love Jack to ask the question. Since he won't, DIFENOXIN over the counter, DIFENOXIN steet value, I will.

Mr, BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Commissioner, DIFENOXIN long term, DIFENOXIN from canadian pharmacy, why would you say attendance is noticeably down.

In Boston, no prescription DIFENOXIN online, DIFENOXIN canada, mexico, india, I get it. They suck right now, buy generic DIFENOXIN, DIFENOXIN blogs, and the Pats are still playing. If they get better, rx free DIFENOXIN, DIFENOXIN dose, they will draw in the winter. BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Also, the fan base is very jaded. We really would like a winner, buy DIFENOXIN from mexico, DIFENOXIN pictures, but Jacobs doesn't really care, so people don't go, DIFENOXIN mg. DIFENOXIN natural, Colorado has seen their league leading streak of sell outs come to an end. These people have been selling out the Pepsi Center since it opened, herbal DIFENOXIN. Comprar en línea DIFENOXIN, comprar DIFENOXIN baratos, Now they have stopped coming. Why, BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Why Mr, effects of DIFENOXIN. Cheap DIFENOXIN, Bettman.

Could the answer lie in the fact the new game is kind of dull to the die hards, DIFENOXIN maximum dosage. DIFENOXIN use, Sure it's fast, and there is a lot of scoring, but the constant stopping for every little thing in my opinion takes all the momentum out of the game. BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The near constant special teams play is dull to me. I really would like some sandpaper and grit back in the game, but because of the new NHL, those elements are in the Press Box, or down on the Farm. I still believe hockey is the greatest game on Earth, and as much as I complain I will still watch. I like the new rules to an extent, but I wish they were a little looser with the whistle. I really wish the NHL would go to a one referee system, but that is not going to happen. If you look at the AHL, they have the same rules as the NHL, but I feel the game flows more due to one less set of eyes, BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

I think next year when the NHL goes to the form fitted Jerseys (which I hate by the by) they are going to lose another group of fans in the collectors. This is a group of fans that goes to games to see the Jerseys they want to collect as Gamers. I think once they go to the tight shirts, no one is going to want to collect a Jersey anymore. The flow of the Jersey and how it ruffles in the wind as a man skates is part of the beauty of the game itself. They Jersey are one of the things that makes hockey unique, please Reebok, don't fuck with it.

I think it is a sad state of affairs in the NHL right now, too bad no one will ask Mr. Bettman about it.

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1 The Ref November 17, 2006 at 12:44 am

Can you ‘shirt’ someone wearing the new jersy?

2 Chris November 17, 2006 at 12:46 am

Not without a shoe horn.

3 The Ref November 17, 2006 at 4:04 am

We have to do a Podcast over Thanksgiving. We should get a similar jersey and test the ‘shirting’ potential live in the studio.

4 Chris November 17, 2006 at 8:20 pm

Agreed. I will be the shirter. Any volunteers for the shirtee? I was thinking of getting a sheet of ice sometime soon too. Maybe we can all have a go?

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